Tea: Sensorium

Tea: Sensorium


Tulsi, Nettle, Rose

This blend is one that evokes all of the senses and offers exquisite nourishment. Nettle serves in this formula as a grounding blood builder. Tulsi is present with a remarkable aroma, and supports the body with an adaptogenic response, uplifting the spirit, calming the nervous system, aiding digestion, as well as imparting gentle anti-inflammatory, antioxidant actions. Paired with Rose, an herb known the world over for an intoxicating aroma that supports the heart and spirit. From the sweet fragrance of the plants, to the texture and color of the petals and leaves, this blend makes for a divine ritual that is a pleasure to brew and drink.

Brew instructions: Pour 1 cup of boiling water over 1 Tbspn tea and steep for 10 minutes to overnight. Enjoy! 

Ingredients: Rose, Nettle, Tulsi

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