Field Notes

New Moon New Year Intentions 2019


Happy New Year!

I hope you are enjoying the space and clarity that the new year brings.

I imagine this year with Full Moon as an exploration of what is and what might be. For me the focus of this year is radical tenderness. Which means it is everything in it’s possibilities and that I am asking these questions:

What is a livelihood practice based in creativity that heals?

How is it political? How is it personal?

When is it emergent? How do I know?

What about this cultural experiment is contextual and based in real places, people, and experiences? Where does it touch popular education?  

How is it dynamic and agile? Where is its wabisabi?

How does it hold pleasure as a point of origin?

There is the tracing back to a root to explore, discover, and cultivate curiosity and love for the world. This New Year, new moon message is an invitation to you to discover what is yours in that process  Come back to what is real and imagine what comes next in the clean slate that is January.

Look out in the next few weeks as we release a teaser for the new podcast, that looks deep into the lives and imaginations of people doing the work of holding creative possibility.

Take a moment out to read these love lettersand share this book with friends.

Make tea together, grow some seeds, find some clay and make the cups, build a fire, heat the water. It feels good to do real things.

Follow along with us a we explore and play.

And in that spirit of tenderness, send this email along to your friends and collaborators. Get in touch. Let’s find ways to weave our lives together.



Chelsea Wills