Field Notes

Love Letter to the Pacific Coast


Dear Pacific Coast,

You are the edge of the world. Powerful, wild, beautiful, dangerous. I almost gasp for air when I think about your jaggedness.

You make me feel small and enveloped. I love it. I always wanted to be part of something so big and with you I am over and over again. This winter when an enormous storm hit while I tried to sleep perched on one of your cliffs wedged in between a baby and a man to keep me safe, I thought, you might swallow us like you have with countless others. We might slide into that icy cold rocky mess that is shoreline in a storm. 

And each wave hit. The house shuddered. I shuddered.

The wind might have even shuddered.

But not you, you in your amazing capacity know that even when there is all the banging, crashing, breaking, and foam, you are there.

Big and small. 

Big and small. 

Big and small.


I love how you hold me.


Chelsea Wills