Field Notes

Love Letter to the Moon


Dear Moon,

What a miracle that you come back every month. Your return really is a kind of love. Knowing that you show up is a kind of anchor for me to remember that all of our scurrying is not the whole story. D always told me that returning is part of deep loving. The return is the kind of love that matters. 

It matters in that way the gets hard to imagine. It is slippery around the edges and almost unreal which I think as you must know well. So many repetitions of an always the same always changing trip must make each orbit new.

This time when you were big in the sky I was awake in the middle of the night staring at you with a very young human who was crying, farting, laughing, and ogling you. You are beautiful and we both decided to remind each other how much we love you.



A little taste of Love Letters from the Moon for your pleasure

Chelsea Wills