Field Notes

New Moon Letter December 2018



As we turn into the dark of late fall I invite you to take moments to slow down, look inward, see what is happening in your internal landscape. This project was born from a period of deep reflection about holding a possibility of making daily life the medium for an art practice. Living and making as an experiment. Full Moon is an experiment in culture making by artists and for artists. It is an experimental business, folk school, research project, and a podcast. Through these and other forms we set out to investigate and play with questions about creativity, livelihood, and community. 

The specific questions that will guide this project over time will change. This is a dynamic unfolding. Right now we are investigating:

What brings us together?

What grounds us in the possibility of imagining?

What if our only jobs were to take of each other and the places we live? 

What would we need to know? 

Who would teach us? 

What would this look like? 

How do we remember?

How do we embody care for ourselves, each other, and the broader world?

How do we find our way home?

What is a process of always becoming?

Right now as an applied way of exploring these questions we are making and sharing the following.

  • Our first seasonal fine art print subscription featuring the magical work of Van WaringMelody OverstreetVince Waring, and Chelsea Wills. Using the model of a subscription program this is truly community supported art. You sign up and payat the beginning of the year and at the beginning of each seasonyou will receive a new fine art print in the mail with a total of four handmade prints over the course of a year.This is a great way to receive new artwork and to support artists.  

  • A short audio meditation especially for newsletter subscribers that can be downloaded with the code SUBSCRIBERLOVE is focused on the sensate world and especially the experience of drinking a cup of tea. This was made especially for an event we just did in Portland with our collaborators at WorksProgress Agency.

May you be well. May you be free.



Chelsea Wills