Field Notes

New Moon October 2018



For the past few years since my daughter was born I have been rethinking how to inhabit the world.  Becoming a mother has changed how I think about being an artist, an activist, a worker, and a human. This letter to you is an invitation to be part of an ongoing inquiry into how to inhabit a creative life. 

It is morning here. The house is quiet after the daily circus of cooking breakfast, chasing a small person to put on her pants, and the daily conversations about what our politicians are doing. The air is holding onto the smell of pancakes. My feet are cold. This is a life like many others. It is ordinary and magic.

I seek ways to embody a creative life, and from that impulse/seeking/longing, Full Moon Project was born. Full Moon Project  is an ongoing exploration into how we as humans continue to make, dream, care for, and imagine with one another in the midst of these strange and foreboding times. This month begins with our initial offering which includes three distinct tea blends and a book of love letters. You are invited to participate in this experience, and can visit us at Full Moon,where these offerings are shared.

As part of this creative exploration, we will steadily share select tea blends. Interspersed you will also find stories (more on that soon), workshops, limited editions of artworks, books, and other creative offerings.

Tea is the ground from which we begin because tea is powerful, stable, and adaptive.

Tea offers a way to connect with ourselves as well as others.

Teas are made with plants, and each plant contains their own magic. 

Tea is deeply creative, nourishing, healing.

Tea is tangible, earthy, and evocative. 

You hold it in your hand. You sip it with your mouth. 

It feels like something. It tastes like something. It is real. 

It comes from real places and is made by real people.

We like to reflect on what can grow from a simple ritual that offers stillness. 

For us, tea provides a rhythm and a pulse that possibility is born from.

So as invitation, close this screen, heat up some water, make a cup of tea. Hold it. Notice it. Let your mind arrive in the place that you are. Familiarize yourself with what inhabits you.

Let this experiment in creativity and becoming be a regular part of what you do. 



Chelsea Wills